The final step towards the finished product

Until series production - we are with you all the way

According to customer specifications and requirements and, with the benefit of our many years of experience, we establish where the production capacities are possible and offer these at various national and international production sites. With regard to factors such as price, order size, delivery time, fast implementation, proximity to customers, suppliers and manufacturing companies, we work with you hand in hand to select the most suitable production location. We, thus, ensure the rapid processing of production orders as well as short and fast transportation routes.

In the case of CM-Business, we work with partner companies mainly in Poland and Eastern European countries such as Romania or Bulgaria. As far as FOB Business is concerned, we work with producers in Turkey and, if needs be, in the Far East. This proximity offers many advantages: Short processing times for orders, accceleration of each production stage, the rapid incorporation of last minute customer requirements. In short: high flexibility and efficiency in production.