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The main requirements to be fulfilled in the field of purchasing, design and production of garments are: quality of articles and ability of enterprises to provide prompt delivery of finished products.

Complexity of tasks set for manufacturers in the field of garments design and production force the manufacturer to look for solutions, which can help him to organize production as appropriate.

The company Global Garment Service is ready to offer you a guaranteed success in production of enterprises all around the world, with professional multilingual specialists and a comprehensive experience in the international market, and also knowledge in the field of organization of the total process of production, beginning from design and production of garments and ending with the supply of the finished products.

The world of textile branch is very multifarious, creative, imaginative, and individual.

There are many things to learn in this bright world. During of this educative travel is the company Global Garment Service your fellow traveler, having good technical knowledge, Know-how and international contacts.